NEW YORK, NY –– New Yorkers for 5G, a statewide coalition dedicated to educating elected officials, policymakers and members of the public about the need for next-generation connectivity, commends Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement of significant capital investment in broadband and next-generation connectivity that will, as he declared, make 2021 the “year of 5G in New York City.”

 “The pandemic has underscored the fact that reliable online access is not a privilege but a necessity,” said coalition spokesperson Caitlin Brookner. “New Yorkers for 5G applauds Mayor de Blasio and DoITT Commissioner Jessica Tisch for recognizing the need for significant infrastructure investments and their commitment to bringing New Yorkers the connectivity they deserve. These initiatives will play a key role in creating much-needed jobs and revenue across the five boroughs.”

 Under the Mayor’s plan, the City will invest $157 million in contracts with telecommunication companies to provide 5G access to 600,000 New Yorkers – including 200,000 that live in NYCHA housing – with a particular focus on 33 currently underserved neighborhoods identified by the Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity.

 The City will also accelerate the buildout of 5G by making an unprecedented 7,500 City street poles available for mobile carriers to expand their networks, predominately in low- and moderate-income areas. 

 With faster data speeds, increased device density, and ultralow latency, 5G will be a foundation for innovation, transforming many sectors of the economy and creating industry verticals not imagined today. Overall, 5G deployment in New York is estimated to create 140,000 jobs and $77 billion in GDP within ten years.


New Yorkers for 5G was formed to educate residents, businesses, and decision makers about the importance of next-generation connectivity and advocate for policies that facilitate its success around the state. Its members represent a diverse array of businesses, organizations and individuals from every corner of the Empire State. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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