NEW YORK, NY –– New Yorkers for 5G, a statewide coalition dedicated to educating elected officials, policymakers and members of the public about the need for next-generation connectivity, today praised Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s announcement of funding for broadband infrastructure. 

“COVID-19 has shown us all that the digital divide in the Hudson Valley’s rural and low-income areas is painfully real. Without the right broadband infrastructure, attracting businesses and jobs to the area becomes next to impossible,” said Mike Oates, President and CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation and a longstanding New Yorkers for 5G member.

“Senator Schumer recognizes this new reality, and we thank him for his steadfast commitment to delivering affordable, accessible, high-speed connectivity to Hudson Valley businesses and workers,” Oates continued.

The American Rescue Plan will provide more than $7 billion to the Federal Communications Commission – with an estimated $600 million for New York – to help schools and libraries in Hudson Valley fully participate in remote learning. The plan also allocates $3 billion to support local economic development projects, such as Sullivan County’s $2 million proposal to develop a countywide, county-owned wireless broadband network.

“As a result of the pandemic, we as a nation now understand that online access is not a privilege, but a necessity that is required for success in the modern era,” said New Yorkers for 5G spokesperson Caitlin Brookner. “This much-needed funding will not only help close the digital divide, but also bring much-needed jobs and revenue to Hudson Valley.”


New Yorkers for 5G was formed to educate residents, businesses, and decision makers about the importance of next-generation connectivity and advocate for policies that facilitate its success around the state. Its members represent a diverse array of businesses, organizations and individuals from every corner of the Empire State. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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